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What happens during a dental check-up and clean — and why they’re *so* important

Maybe you’ve been putting off your next dental check-up for a while now (we get it – life’s busy!)

Or maybe you haven’t been to the dentist in years (don’t worry – we won’t judge!)

Whatever the reason, it’s likely high time you booked in a dental check-up and clean.

Because here’s the bottom line:

If you’re a person with teeth (yes, even baby teeth), you should have a dental check-up and clean every six months so your dentist can catch any small issues before they turn into big problems. 

Keep reading to find out exactly what happens during a dental check-up and clean appointment and why they are essential for keeping your teeth in tip-top shape.

What happens during a dental check-up and clean appointment?

Here’s what to expect when you have a dental check-up and clean appointment at our Gregory Hills and Moss Vale dental practices.

  • Step 1: Examination
    Your dentist will take a good look at your teeth, mouth and gums to assess your overall oral health
  • Step 2: X-rays
    Now we’ve seen what’s happening on the surface, it’s time to check out what’s going on below your teeth and gums — we may not take x-rays at every check-up appointment, but will do so regularly over time to monitor your teeth
  • Step 3: Cleaning
    Your teeth and gums will get a gentle and thorough clean and polish to remove any plaque or tartar build-up and stains
  • Step 4: Fluoride treatment
    Last but not least, you'll rinse your mouth with a fluoride treatment to help strengthen your tooth enamel and prevent decay

How long does a dental check-up and clean take?

At Green Door Dental, your dental check-up and clean will usually take around 40 minutes. But if it’s your first visit, allow about an hour as we like to take a little extra time to get to know you and personalise your care.

Afterwards, you can jump straight back into your day as normal. No recovery or downtime required! Just avoid eating or drinking for at least half an hour so the fluoride treatment can work its magic.

A patient has a dental check-up and clean at Green Door Dental
Having a dental check-up and clean at Green Door Dental? You’ll be in and out the door in just 40 minutes — or an hour if it’s your first visit.

How much does a dental check-up and clean cost?

At Green Door, a dental check-up and clean costs $185 for adults 18 years and over. We also offer flexible finance options so you can get the care you need now and pay in comfortable instalments.

Ready for your next dental check-up?

Easily book your appointment online now or download our New Patient Guide for our full treatment price list.

Why are regular dental check-ups important?

Of course, there’s nothing better than walking out of the dentist with a sparkling smile and that fresh, just-cleaned feeling. But there’s a much bigger reason why dental check-ups are so important.

Regular dental check-ups every six months allow your dentist to detect and treat any issues or early signs of decay *before* they become more serious (and more costly to fix).

If you want healthy and strong teeth for life, dental check-ups are a must. And don’t just take our word for it! See what the Australian Dental Association says about regular dental check-ups here.

Keep your pearly whites bright, healthy and strong by visiting the dentist every six months for a check-up and clean.

But I brush my teeth every day, do I *really* need a dental check-up?

Even if you’re an avid twice-daily tooth-brusher-and-flosser, you can’t remove all plaque with brushing alone. Plaque will naturally build up on teeth and turn into tartar (or calculus) over time. If this build-up of plaque and tartar is not removed with regular, professional cleaning by your dentist, it can irritate your gums, causing them to become tender and swollen. And then? You just might find yourself with a one-way ticket to early-stage gum disease.

Do children need regular dental check-ups?

100% yes! It’s essential for all children to have regular dental check-ups — even if they only have baby teeth.

Why? Because tooth decay and cavities can happen at any age. And if left untreated, it can turn into much more serious problems in future.

Starting dental check-ups early allows your child’s dentist to detect any risk factors or early signs of oral health issues and create a prevention plan. Plus, it sets your child up with a good oral health routine for life.

At Green Door Dental, we offer no-gap kids’ dental check-up and cleans. We also participate in the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) for all eligible children — learn more about the CDBS here.

When should children have their first dental check-up?

The Australian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry recommends that children should be taken for their first dentist appointment around the time of their first birthday.

Give your kids a healthy smile for life by starting regular dental check-ups from a young age.

Is it safe to get a dental check-up during pregnancy?

You can rest assured that it’s perfectly safe to have a dental check-up and clean during pregnancy. In fact, regular dental check-ups are recommended for those who are pregnant. This is because the pregnancy hormones can negatively affect your gums and issues like gingivitis may arise during the second trimester. If left untreated, this can lead to gum disease.

Don’t forget to mention to your dentist that you are or may be pregnant at the start of your appointment so they can tailor their care to better suit your needs.

Do dental check-ups hurt?

No, a routine dental check-up and clean shouldn’t hurt. You may feel some sensitivity or mild discomfort as your dentist gently cleans your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar. But remember, you can always let your dentist know if you need to take a break or are feeling a little uncomfortable.

At Green Door Dental, we’ve done everything we can to make our dental check-up and clean appointments comfortable and carefree. Once you pop on your noise-cancelling headphones and tune in to your fave show on Netflix, your appointment will be over before you know it!

Feeling nervous about your next dental check-up?

If you’re scared about visiting the dentist, even the most routine appointments can feel like a nightmare. But with our sleep dentistry options, dental check-ups can feel more like a dream — literally! To learn more about sleep dentistry and how it works, check out this blog.

If you’d like to opt for sleep dentistry for your next check-up and clean appointment, you’ll need to book a sedation consultation first. At this appointment, we’ll discuss your needs and determine the right level of sedation for you. Keep in mind that the use of any sedation during your check-up and clean appointment will come at an additional fee.

A patient discusses sleep dentistry options for their dental check-up at Green Door Dental
Sleep dentistry can make your dentist appointments feel like a dream! Simply sit back and drift off while we take care of your smile.

Got a question about dental check-ups at Green Door Dental?

Feel free to get in touch! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about dental check-up and clean appointments at our Gregory Hills and Moss Vale dental practices.

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